Foodpairing: Crab sandwich with tangerines and a Shiso Green mayo

19 January 2016

Shiso® Green is a common aromatic herb used in traditional Japanese cuisine that can add a distinctive twist to classic creations. Its bright green, grassy scent also imparts woody, mushroom-like notes often thought to evoke mint, anise and basil. As such, it pairs especially well with crab and other types of seafood.

Whether as an indulgent meal-in-one or a delectable cocktail party hors d'oeuvre, the key to crafting the perfect sandwich is to balance the various elements. The briny sweetness of the crab, especially when caught during peak season, has a natural affinity for sandwich-type breads since both share a similar roasted, malty aroma. Hence, the ever-popular crab roll. Look for softer white breads with just a hint of sweetness to enhance the delicate flavors and textures of this Shiso greens - crab - celery - tangerine - yogurt pairing.

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