İBRAHİM SELAM ‘Koppert Cress ve Erüst Tarım Adına Teşekkürler

24 March 2015

As you know the Food Product fair was performed in Antalya Expo Center at 25/28 february with a big participation. We took our place under the name of Koppert Cress and Erüst Tarım.

We show some different varieties of the Micro Cress during the fair as 4 days and explain to everyone how and where they can use them.

At the same time we show a demo Project with the wheat juice, and let the people to test. Results were perfect! Also we want to announce that the all the kind of micro cress selling already started in Turkiye under the Koppert Cress and Erüst Tarım trade mark. We hope to meet with you again an other organisation to introduce the all cress.