Join Koppert Cress at Worldchefs Congress & Expo!

2 August 2016

We dine more out, we welcome new foods, we love snacking, we savor narratives -not only flavors, we like pickling, fermenting or smoking for preparation, we choose bitter, sour and umami, we know our fats and oils, we want our salts all natural and with character, we yearn for the farm's produce, we play with dips and sauces, we discover new food capitals of the world, ... we travel, we spot, we connect, we post, we are millennial!

Come, sense, share and learn about the future trends and challenges of chefs in the future. We bring the whole world together on a plate at the Worldchefs Congress & Expo in Thessaloniki, Greece from 24-27 September.

Join Koppert Cress and don’t get left behind. #worldchefs